Brendan Proctor

Wordpress freelancer. Responsive UI website designer. Front-end developer. CSS Expert.

22 Years of experience in UI web design & front end development. Designing, developing & promoting websites for all kinds of businesses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. Spends his week days buried in responsive web site design & front end development making the most of CSS & Javascript.



Start freelancing as a CSS Guru

Learnt CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) early which established Brendan Proctor as a CSS Guru in London, just as CSS started to revolutionise the way websites were being built. Instead of table layouts, CSS allowed for completely responsive flexible web templates and layouts.

Became a front-end developer utilising HTML, CSS and Javascript working on contract basis for London Agencies developing large projects like Halifax Bank, Guinness, Nike, KFC and Cadburys Chocolates.


Relocated to South Africa

Still servicing established United Kingdom clients – started to grow customer base in South Africa, Europe, US and Australia. Based in South Africa, but servicing clients across the globe.


Started using WordPress CMS to allow customers to easily edit and alter their own websites.

Became a full service custom WordPress development company. Also offering front-end UX/UI web design services building WordPress websites from start for finish for clients across the globe.

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